Stone also plays ultra-thin: two meters thick stone cut into 1 mm thin slices

Abstract One or two meters thick natural stone, after the "hand" of precision cutting technology, is "sheet" into a paper-like light-transparent sheet, its value is no longer extensively "ton"...
One or two meters thick natural stone, after the "hand" of precision cutting technology, is "slice" into a paper-like light-transparent sheet, its value is no longer roughly calculated as "ton", 1 mm thick stone A single square meter can sell for a high price of 20,000 yuan. This stone is used for interior decoration of the elevator, which can reduce the weight by 1/3 compared with ordinary stone, which improves the safety factor of the elevator. With this independent research and development of high-tech technology, this Taiwan-funded enterprise headquartered in Dongguan is not satisfied with the cultivation in the local market, and has also launched the layout of the national and even overseas markets. It intends to open the branch to Shanghai next year. Go to Los Angeles.

Stone can also play ultra-thin art

The competition in the building materials industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and new materials are in constant stream. As a traditional import and export trade, it has been unable to adapt to the tremendous changes in the market. A few days ago, in the "Shiguang Art Center" of the "Taiwan Building", the tallest building in Dongguan, a special stone art exhibition was held. Yakke Fine Research Stone, a high-tech building material enterprise that is cooperated by several Taiwanese companies, is taking the “technical flow” route. The most proud of it is the “ultra-thin” process of large-area cutting that has been independently developed for many years.

Huang Changhong, the company's chairman, said, "This technology can not only cut a piece of natural stone of one or two meters thick into a thin piece of light-transparent stone with a thickness of about 1 mm, but also the slice after cutting can be bent." Seen, a huge piece of rough stone can be bent into a hollow cylinder with a diameter of 1.2 meters. In the actual renovation, it can be used to wrap the doorpost of the hotel and office lobby. It is said that the current 1 mm thin stone of Yazak can reduce the weight of the original wall of the original elevator to 1/3 of the original, which can improve the safety factor of the elevator.

Interested in going to Shanghai and the United States to open up the market

Thanks to this technological breakthrough, the value of stone has been “ups and downs”. Zhou Tairan revealed that these light-transparent stone products (including the back light board accessories) can be sold in the market for 20,000 yuan a square. As for the cost price, it means that it is inconvenient to disclose. “Transparent art stone is one of the mainland's future decoration trends and has a good market prospect,” said Huang Changhong, chairman of the board. At present, the main customers of the Yakke Shiguang Art Center are domestic high-end clubs, hotels, restaurants, luxury houses and foreign famous building materials market.

As a Guanzi stone company, in addition to deepening the local market, Yakke also launched a national and global layout. It plans to participate in the Shanghai Hotel Supplies Fair in March next year, and will go to Las Vegas in the United States in May. At the same time of exhibiting, it also decided to set up branches in Shanghai and the United States. Huang Changhong revealed that he also plans to add a branch in Los Angeles in the United States six months later.

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